advanced management
system for caravans


It turns things on and off from a tablet or phone, but that’s where the similarities to other devices end.

Communications Anywhere In The World

You’re in the middle of Australia. There’s no phone service for days. Sabre will still tell your loved ones that you’re Ok, and will even show them where you are on a map.

Theft Detection and Location Tracking

If your caravan is ever the unfortunate target of a theft, Sabre will detect the van’s movement (or even just a jolt) and will alert you via your phone, or contact the authorities directly.

Internet-Based Control and Monitoring

You’re out for dinner whilst on holidays and it’s getting a little chilly. Turn your heater on before you get back to your caravan so you can continue your evening in warmth.

Internet-Transmitted Alarms and Notifications

Your caravan is getting a bit hot due to a bushfire near your camp or storage location. Your van will wake up and send you an alarm directly to your smart phone.

CI-BUS Control Ready and Accredited

CI-BUS devices are the next generation of controllable caravan appliances. Sabre is an accredited CI-BUS controller system, ready for the future.

Control of all your IR Controlled Appliances

Air conditioners, TVs, and other critical devices tend to be controlled via remote control. Sabre can control all of these devices for you.

Read the full details in the Sabre Booklet

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